The end-to-end software toolkit to optimize token & protocol performance

Forgd is a one-stop destination for all pre & post-TGE support to drive long term success. Interact with self-service products complemented by white-glove support from Forgd professionals.

Free tools for blockchain projects, every step of the way
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Pre-TGE Projects

An incubator with a dynamic product suite.

Forgd codifies best industry practices and makes them easy for any project to implement into their go-to-market playbook.

Build Tokenomics using quantitative models and historical data from past projects.
Engage market makers via a structured liquidity “RFQ” process.
Growth Capital workshops for token (ex: SAFT) & equity sales to accelerate development.
List on major CEXs & seed DEX liquidity pools as part of a holistic go-to-market strategy.
Listed Projects

A command station for automation & transparency

Projects can access the same tools used by sophisticated institutions to optimize token performance.

Monitor market maker trade activity with dynamic alerts; assess historical performance.
Automate token vesting to core contributors, investors, and others & monitor sell pressure.
Self-service market making across major CEXs & DEXs from a single dashboard.
Customizable marketing support with KOLs, paid advertising, and content creation.
Our Products

Forgd is an arsenal of purpose-built tools designed to support blockchain entrepreneurs


Pre-TGE & Listed Projects

Part guide, part resource hub. A step-by-step manual to prepare for your TGE & listing. Resources and best practices for optimizing protocol growth and scaling your DAO.



Design your Tokenomics from scratch or use our templates. Customize token vesting & estimate performance for price, market cap, and FDV using our quantitative models.


Pre-TGE & Listed Projects

Automate token distribution with customizable smart contracts. Ensure investors, advisors, and employees receive tokens in a timely manner. Monitor unlocks and sell pressure.


Listed Projects

Deploy automated market making strategies for all centralized & decentralized exchanges from a single dashboard. Advanced algorithms accessible to beginners.

& Liquidity

Pre-TGE & Listed Projects

Consult with professionals to craft your go-to-market strategy. List on curated CEXs & DEXs. Seed order books & AMMs with liquidity to promote a smooth transition into the secondary market.

Market Maker

Pre-TGE & Listed Projects

Partner with a professional team of traders to manage liquidity. 24/7 white-glove market making services across all majors exchanges.


Listed Projects

Visualize real-time & historical KPI’s. Compare performance relative to competitors & peers. Generate customized reports for your team with Forgd-curated insights on key drivers.


Pre-TGE & Listed Projects

Learn best practices on growth capital strategies for token (SAFT) and equity sales with education sessions and 1-on-1 workshops.

“Gone are the days of paying five advisors, and two market makers. Forgd does it all with transparency & seamless UX.”

Ben Sparango | Head of Ecosystem Strategy, Solana Foundation
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Educational Resources
It’s difficult to launch, scale, and operate a blockchain project without external support. We can help.
Forgd maintains a holistic library of all things related to pre-TGE activities and post-listing best practices. We author educational guides in-house based on our first-hand experience and link to our favorite third-party resources so our users can optimize for success.
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