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Forgd is an arsenal of purpose-built tools designed to support blockchain entrepreneurs throughout every stage of their life cycle. Our tools provide tremendous value to advanced DeFi Degens and first-time Web 3 entrepreneurs. Browse our suite of offerings below:

Token Designer

Utilize our templates to build your Tokenomics from the ground up or leverage our off-the-shelf templates. Craft token emission schedules for investors, employees, advisors, DAO, and others. Estimate performance for price, market cap, and FDV using our proprietary quantitative models. Optimize performance with our data-driven approach.

How it can help you

Design your tokenomics from scratch by leveraging templates from past projects.

Conduct post-TGE simulations on token price, market capitalization and more to optimize your supply & demand.

Publish a one-pager that summarizes KPIs that are critical for engaging with market makers, centralized exchanges, and other strategic partners.


Automate token distribution with customizable smart contracts. Ensure investors, advisors, and employees receive tokens in a timely manner. Monitor unlocks and sell pressure from a single dashboard.

How it can help you

Stream tokens to a large number of recipients based on their unique vesting schedules

Unlock cliffs without manual intervention

Minimize HR & Admin overhead and involvement in a fully auditable process

Market Maker Monitoring

Whether you have active market maker engagements, or want to be connected with leading service providers, Forgd has you covered. Zero cost, full transparency.

How could it help you

Track your market makers performance

See your data in our comprehensive dashboard

Define the firms you want to work with and send RFQs


AMM² is the next generation of automated market making (“AMM”). This tool allows projects to automate liquidity provision and arbitrage strategies on centralized (and decentralized) exchanges in a similar manner to decentralized AMM protocols in a single dashboard.

How it can help you

Equip projects with the same advanced algorithms utilized by sophisticated trading desks

Deploy automated market making strategies for all CEXs & DEXs

Advanced algorithms accessible to beginners

Eliminate the significant costs required to engage one of the leading market makers

Business Intelligence

Monitoring trading KPI’s is critical once TGE occurs and tokens are actively traded on exchanges. Existing data aggregation platforms such as Coinmarketcap and Coingecko are designed for retail investors and therefore have extreme limitations – most notably, they lack historical KPIs and commentary on how to take proactive measures that can be taken to improve marketplace conditions such as depth and spreads.

How it can help you

Unparalleled transparency and access to both real-time & historical data

Visualize real-time & historical KPI’s such as depth, spreads, volume, and price performance

Compare performance indicators relative to competitors & peers

Generate customized reports for your team with Forgd-curated insights on key drivers

Review historical KPIs and commentary on how to take proactive measures to improve marketplace conditions

Listing & Liquidity

Selecting the right exchange for a token's initial listing plays a critical role in its subsequent success. It is not only important to ensure that there's ample liquidity allocated to these venues but also to implement proper pre-market order placement. Such strategies promote efficient price discovery of the token and allow protocol economics to operate effectively in the long run.

How it can help you

Consult with professionals to craft your go-to-market strategy and list on CEXs & DEXs

Analyze exchanges across (i) historical performance, (ii) cost, (iii) liquidity & volume requirements, and (iv) accessibility.

Seed order books & AMMs with liquidity to promote a smooth transition into the secondary market.

Growth Capital

We have researched and gathered data from proprietary data sources, industry professionals, investors, Board Members, and publicly available information to educate founders on making informed decisions when it comes to growth capital.

How it can help you

Learn best practices on growth capital strategies for large and modest-sized token sales (ex: SAFT), equity raises, and exit opportunities via Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A).

Get holistic education sessions, including 1:1 workshops, pitch deck preparations, investor outreach best practices, and typical terms to expect

How it Works & FAQs

Full-Service Market Maker

Full-service market making connects projects directly with experienced professionals to provide liquidity across all major exchanges that support trading of their native token. Full-service market making is most-suitable for opening new markets and coverage for large market cap projects that are listed across many venues. 

How it can help you

Partner with a professional team of traders to manage liquidity

24/7 white-glove market making services across all majors exchanges

Minimal input required to promotes (i) tight spreads, (ii) deep two-sided liquidity, and (iii) efficient price discovery

How it Works & FAQs


See the summarized metrics of your token’s emission and distribution schedules, and the breakdown of all your project groups in a single dashboard.

How it can help you

Visualize your tokens distribution and emission schedules

Use your schedules to configure AutoDistributions with few clicks.

How it Works & FAQs

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Marketing & PR Support

Increase brand awareness and community engagement with a full-stack solution including paid advertising, social media support, public relations, and connection with global KOLs.

Financial & Administrative Support

Outsource administrative tasks such as accounting and product control; receive expert advice on holistic financial modeling and forecasting.

UX & Design Support

Outsource product design & user experience (“UX”) to streamline development and optimize customer acquisition.

Performance Comparison

Track key performance indicators relative to competitors & peers. See how your volume, depth, spreads, and price performance stack up vs. other projects.

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