Forgd offers self-service tools & bespoke consulting.

Navigating a token launch and maintaining performance after a token generation event (“TGE”) poses significant challenges for blockchain projects. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or need white-glove support, Forgd can help.

Self-service products at your own pace.

Creating an account at Forgd is free, and most of our products can be utilized and deployed autonomously. Craft tokenomics, automate token distribution to your cap table, engage liquidity providers, and monitor market maker performance—all from a single dashboard.

As a software platform, Forgd can support many projects in a scalable capacity in a manner unattainable by traditional advisory practices. Best of all, most of our tools are free to use and can be utilized at your team’s discretion, eliminating financial barriers to entry and allowing you to proceed at your own pace.

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White-glove support from Forgd experts.

Forgd offers boutique consulting to select pre-TGE and post-TGE blockchain projects. We provide expert advice on tokenomics and go-to-market activities and operate as a project manager, aligning key milestones & dependencies with your stated goals.

Projects interested in this offering must schedule a consultation and apply for coverage. The process is competitive, and less than 5% of projects that apply are accepted.

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Forgd is the ultimate solution for blockchain projects.

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