Frequently Asked Questions


How much does it cost to create an account with Forgd?

It is FREE to create a Forgd account.

Is there a community or support network available for Forgd users?

We have a large tokenomics focused community that we plan to embedd into the Forgd-Process.

What kind of analytics and reporting tools does Forgd offer?

Forgd provides detailed analytics, including monitoring of market depth, spreads, volume, and price, along with the ability to generate customized reports for your team.

Outside of founders, who can benefit from using Forgd?

Forgd is aimed at a wide range of users, including blockchain entrepreneurs, crypto investors, and those with a general interest in cypherpunk and blockchain technology.

Can Forgd assist in automating token vesting processes?

Yes, Forgd enables the automation of token vesting to investors and Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs), including monitoring of estimated sell pressure.

Is Forgd suitable for someone new to the blockchain and crypto industry?

Yes, Forgd is designed to cater to a diverse range of users including entrepreneurs, investors, and those new to the blockchain and crypto space.

My project has already issued a token, can I still work with Forgd?

Yes, projects that already have a token can still utilize Forgd.

What services does Forgd offer to blockchain entrepreneurs?

Forgd provides a range of tools and services designed to assist at every stage of a blockchain project, including tokenomics customization, market strategy implementation, and support for listings on crypto exchanges.


What’s with the name?

The name “Forgd” is our play on the past participle of “Forge”: Forged. Forge is defined as:

"To make an object by heating it in a fire or furnace and hammering it into shape."

The concept of “forging an object” is central to everything that Forgd does for blockchain projects. We view incoming projects as raw and full of potential. Our goal is to shape strategy and optimize aspects of blockchain projects by using battle-tested blueprints and our arsenal of purpose-built tools.

Forgd employs a rigorous process, but our goal is never to change the core fundamentals of a project; instead, we seek to enhance essential elements of the token & protocol and empower the core team to achieve their fullest potential with continued coverage long after a token generation event (“TGE”) has occurred.

I’ve already conducted a TGE – can I still use Forgd?

Post-TGE projects can utilize Forgd to automate administrative tasks and optimize token & protocol performance with full transparency. Forgd offers projects the same tools leveraged by mature companies and; sophisticated trading desks so they can support performance in the secondary market. After launching a token, you can:

  • Automate token vesting to core contributors, investors, and others while monitoring estimated sell pressure on an individual basis.
  • Deploy advanced market making strategies across all major CEXs & DEXs from a single dashboard.
  • Generate customized reports on trading KPIs such as depth, spreads, and volume.

Is it free to create an account on Forgd?

Any blockchain entrepreneur can create an account on Forgd. Once an account is created, the entire Forgd product suite can be accessed and managed from a centralized dashboard – entirely free of charge. Forgd offers holistic support throughout every stage of a blockchain project or company's life cycle.

Forgd offers white-glove support and guidance to select projects. These projects designate us as a “Core Contributor” and we serve as a collaborative partner offering full-service project management, Tokenomics audits, advisory, regular workshops, and own aspects of exchange listing, marketing & KOL support, incentivized testnet design, and launch strategy.

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What is Forgd?

Forgd is an end-to-end software toolkit to optimize token & protocol performance. We are a one-stop destination for all pre-listed projects support to drive long term success. Forgd products are self-service and can be utilized by projects at their sole discretion; however, 1-on-1 workshops are available for those that want white-glove support from a subject matter expert.

This allows Forgd users to go at their own pace and skip directly to relevant activities depending on what stage a project is at in its lifecycle.

Forgd is the ultimate solution for blockchain projects.

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