Tokenomics DAO & Forgd

What are we planning together?

Tokenomics DAO and Forgd are now flying the same flag at, and we are thrilled to unveil our joint plans to provide an integrated suite of services and products designed to support projects from inception to post-launch.

Our partnership is uniquely positioned to tackle the entire lifecycle of token creation, offering a seamless journey throughout the process.

We aim to make the pathway to launching a token as straightforward and effective as possible, allowing project teams to focus on building unique protocols with robust fundamentals.

New Offerings and Innovations

In line with our vision to innovate, we have developed new tools and services that leverage the expertise of both Tokenomics DAO and Forgd.

  • We built a hands-on modeling and simulation workbook by merging our extensive knowledge databases into one end-to-end educational guide, laying the foundation for a holistic process.
  • A revamped version of the Tokenomics Design Space that benefits from the combined knowledge and foundation will combine aspects of modeling token demand and simulating price discovery in different market and liquidity conditions. This gives protocols insights into how their design decisions might impact their token performance.
  • With AMM², projects can deploy automated market-making strategies for all centralized and decentralized exchanges from a single dashboard. Our advanced algorithms are accessible to beginners and experts.
  • Automate token distribution with customizable smart contracts. Ensure investors, advisors, and employees receive tokens in a timely manner. Monitor unlocks and sell pressure from a single dashboard.
  • Monitor market makers through a centralised dashboard giving you insights into real-time KPIs such as spreads, volume, and depth across all major CEXs & DEXs.

Future Vision and Goals

Looking ahead, our partnership is set to redefine how projects handle their token pre-TGE and post-listing operations. All key aspects of a project’s go-to-market strategy such as Tokenomics design, Market Making, Exchange listing, and Automation of Token Vesting will be made available as self-service tools that can be utilized at a team’s own discretion, at their own pace. This will allow Forgd to support a large number of projects in a scalable capacity in a manner that is unattainable by traditional incubation platforms.

Forgd aims to partner directly with all base layer ecosystems, operating as a self-service incubator accessible to any entrepreneur building on their software layer.

Our combined expertise will continue to drive innovation, fostering an environment where projects can thrive and succeed.

The strategic initiatives we are launching represent a significant milestone in our journey together. Tokenomics DAO and Forgd are not just reshaping how tokens are launched; we are setting the stage for a future where projects are empowered to reach their full potential with fewer obstacles and greater support.

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