Become a subject matter expert. Leverage our knowledge base to optimize token & protocol performance.

Dive into a curated knowledge base designed to enhance your understanding of token launches, monitor ongoing token performance, explore innovative protocol value flows, and remain informed about broader market developments within the blockchain ecosystem.


PathFinder is a step-by-step guide to preparing for your TGE & listing, with over 300 pages of in-house authored content, to help projects map business’s value flows and identify opportunities to accrue value to their token.

Part 1 will help you fine-tune your Tokenomics, and Part 2 will teach you how to collaborate with Market Makers and list on exchanges.

Data Insights

Based on user inputs, Forgd provides actionable insights on projected post-TGE performance using proprietary models. This allows projects to iterate and adapt their go-to-market strategy to put their token in the best position to succeed.

Once launched, projects can leverage Forgd to visualize real-time & historical KPI’s such as depth, spreads, volume, and price performance.

Video & Podcast

Through carefully crafted videos and podcasts, Forgd offers in-depth tutorials, and expert interviews focused on token launch strategies, performance analytics, innovative protocol value flows, and the latest trends in the blockchain ecosystem. We provide actionable insights, allowing project teams to learn at their own pace and apply best practices to their initiatives.


We focus on breaking down complex information into easily digestible blog posts, enabling project teams to grasp essential concepts and apply them effectively. The blog covers a wide range of topics, from detailed guides on optimizing tokenomics to analyses of macroeconomic trends affecting the blockchain industry.


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